Gloucester City’s Police Department

For Emergencies – Dial 911 – for Non-emergencies dial 856-456-0900

Body Worn Cameras on Gloucester City Police Department

The Gloucester City Police Department will be implementing Body Worn Cameras on November 30, 2015. All Officers of this department will be outfitted with a camera and it will be utilized during patrol as well as interactions with citizens in Gloucester City. This system will aid the Gloucester City Police Department when responding to calls as well as interaction with citizens in general. With the implementation of this Body Worn Camera System, all incidents and interactions with the police will be recorded according to the Gloucester City Police Department’s policy on same.

313 Monmouth Street, Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Patrol – (856) 456-0901 Detective – (856) 456-7797

Administration – (856) 456-0408 F # (856) 456-3682

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 8 am to 5 pm
Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm
Friday, Closed

Chief of Police – Brian Morrell  Contact

Lieutenant – Michael Morrell  – Contact

Administrative Assistant – Kathy Matkowski – Contact
Firearms Applications/Handicap Parking/Discovery

Records Clerk – Donna Blair – Contact
Accident/Police Reports

Department Staff:

Lt. Stephen Burkhardt – Contact

Sgt. Carl DePoder – Contact

Sgt. William Eller – Contact

Sgt. Jason Flood – Contact

Sgt. Kenneth Iepson – Contact

Sgt. William Johnson, Jr. – Contact

Det. Cpl. Michael Barney – Contact

Det. Keith Wall – Contact

Cpl. William C. Johnson – Contact

Ptl. John Bryszewski – Contact

Ptl. Joseph Eller – Contact

Ptl. Joseph Hopkins – Contact

Ptl. Barbara Kane – Contact

Ptl. William Lessig – Contact

Ptl. James Little – Contact

Ptl. Benjamin McKinney – Contact

Ptl. Blaise O’Donnell – Contact

Ptl. Shea O’Donnell – Contact

Ptl. Brittany Pollandar – Contact

Ptl. Tim Ryder – Contact

Ptl. Sean Saunders – Contact

Ptl. Douglas Ziegler – Contact