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South Jersey Magazine 2016
Chubby’s 1 1/2 Hearth, Gloucester City, NJ – Visited August 2016
The return of the Cubby’s 1 1/2 Hearth name to South Jersey had everyone we know excited and ready for some steak. The new owners added a bit of a modern twist to the setting but played it to close to the original when it came to steaks. Their ribeye wasn’t one of the best steaks we had this year, it was one of the best steaks we’ve had in South Jersey, prepared thin-cut and seared quickly, so the inside wasn’t over cooked and the outside was crackling. A stack of crispy onion rings and a slathering of gravy weren’t even necessary, but added another bit of texture and flavor that were equally as unforgettable.

In 1623, Captain Cornelius Mey with 24 Dutch settlers landed at Gloucester Point and built Fort Nassau. The Dutch settlers built a fort and trading post here to trade for furs with the Armewamexes Native Americans. The major reason for the location of Fort Nassau in Gloucester City was not military but because the fort could command the river and stop traders from accessing the Schuykill River. Fort Nassau existed for 25 years (1626-1651), so the Dutch settlers built and destroyed the fort. The exact location will never be known but its approximate location is at the intersection of Charles & Water Streets. The significance of the first, Dutch fortified settlement on the Delaware transcends the problem of its location.

– David C. Munn – The First Settlement on the Delaware River, a History of Gloucester City, 1976

To read more of this local history to go the Gloucester City Library website Click Here

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