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Forms and Resources

Agendas – Current Meeting Info

Information on the current meetings such as Work Session Meetings, Caucus Meetings and Council Meetings which is updated weekly and/or the day of the meeting.

Budgets – Finance – Bill List

The financial documents for the City’s Budget & operational expenses. The budgets are an overview of the City’s proposed expenditures. The bill lists are a monthly listing of the City’s financial expenses in order to keep the municipality functioning and operation expenses are listed on this page.

Building – Inspections – Construction – Zoning

The Code Enforcement forms for land use applications, zoning permits, certification of occupancy, rental registrations, dumpster permits, sign permits, complaint forms, and open public records act forms are listed on this page.

Codes – Land Use – Redevelopment

These are the City’s Code Enforcement Books, Gloucester City’s Land Development Ordinance Book, Zoning Map, Historic Guidelines Report, Redevelopment Reports which set the standards for development with in the City limits are listed on this page.

Planning and Zoning Boards

Planning & Zoning Board Applications for submitting an applications to be heard at the monthly meeting. Also Planning & Zoning Board approved meeting minutes are located on this page.

Master Plan

The Gloucester City Master Plan Report and Maps of 1985,  Master Plan of 1995, Reexamination Reports of 2002 & 2009 are are listed in full on this page.

Meeting Minutes

The approved meeting minutes for each of the monthly Work Session Meeting, Caucus Meeting & Council Meeting are listed in full on this page.

Public Works

Public Works information on recycling, trash removal, composting machines and recycling receptacles can be found on this page.

Ordinances & Resolutions

The City’s approved and numbered Resolutions in numerical order of adoption & approved Ordinances for Code Book revisions in numerical order of adoption are listed on this page.

Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessors Tax Maps, Property Tax Deduction Forms for Senior Citizens, Veterans & Disabled persons, the 5 year Property Tax Abatement Forms for residential properties, and Revaluation information for City wide revaluation of properties is located on this page.

Tax Collection

The Tax Collectors information on checking taxes online and frequently asked Q&A about taxes on this page.

Clerk’s Office – Registrar – Vital Records

The Clerk’s forms for acquiring birth certificates, marriage licenses,  death certificates, voter registration applications, Liquor Licenses, Bingo and Raffle Applications, Dog & Cat Licenses, OPRA forms, and Employment Applications are listed on this page.