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Assessor: Tax

The Tax Assessor can locate property ownership, square footage of dwellings, and deed information. This office also regulated and controls the City property Revaluation, Property Tax Deductions and five year Tax Abatements for owner occupied residential properties.

Clerk’s Office

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for Vital Statistics, various Licenses, Voter Registration, and (OPRA) Open Public Records Act Requests.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement is responsible for issuing and inspecting buildings, electrical, plumbing, and fire permits. A construction permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter or demolish a structure in any way. Inspections are to insure that all construction is in accordance with (UCC) Uniform Construction Codes of New Jersey.

Collection of Taxes, Water/ Sewer Fees & other Municipal Charges

The Tax Collection Offices are responsible to collect and record the local, county and school taxes, in addition to recording & collecting the fees for properties usage of water and sewer utilities within the City.  Conveniently Click here to make tax payments.   Conveniently Click here to pay Water and Sewer.

Committees & Advisory Boards

The Gloucester City Board of Health runs a rabies clinic, blood drive and other health related programs though out the City. Committees serve as an advisory board to the Governing Body on several issues such as the Shade Tree and Feral Feline Committees.  The Celebrations Committee organizes and presents events for the community to participate in and enjoy!

Community Development

Community Development regulates and administers the RCA Program, Small Cities Program, Community Development Projects for both residential and commercial properties within the City.  The Community Development office also communicates the “great things happening” in town.  Visit us on Facebook and other social media – GCLoriRyan for the latest updates. 

Green Team

The Gloucester City Green Team consists of city employees, local business or member organizations, community members and professional partners.  The mission of the Green Team is to create a plan, via a green infrastructure feasibility study, which will include green initiatives for the City.  For green infrastructure to work, community engagement is required.  The team will identify opportunities for green infrastructure practices, prioritize projects, identify funding sources, select professional partners and manage and review green infrastructure plans.  This will include application for grants for funding with a goal to spur economic development investment in the Community.  This team includes a supplemental CSO (combined sewer overflow) team to create a public understanding of CSO’s, local water quality issues and sewer system problems in the community.  For more information on our Gloucester Green Team, contact Community Development. 


The Municipal Court hears all violations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Laws, petty disorderly person’s offenses, violation of City ordinances and other violations of housing & construction codes.

Department of Utilities – Water Department

The Environmental Utilities Department provides the highest quality water for the public’s health and welfare, in addition, operates and maintains the City’s water and wastewater lines and systems. Conveniently Click here to pay Water and Sewer.

Finance Department

The Finance Department maintains, controls and records the City’s expenditures. The department controls grants, finances and payments of the City’s operational functions.

Fire Department

The Gloucester City Fire Departments mission is to protect life & property from loss, suffering and damage due to fire, medical and environmental emergencies with in Gloucester City. The department is a combination of career and volunteer firefighters that provide fire suppression but also provide public education, code management and incident response.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The Office of Emergency Management duty is to coordinate activities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. The office provides disaster preparedness for the public health, safety & welfare of the City which includes tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, thunderstorms and inclement weather conditions.

Planning and Zoning Boards

The Gloucester City Planning & Zoning Boards are combined boards which is a quasi-judicial body which is charged in reviewing applications to insure they meet the requirements set in the municipalities Land Development Ordinance and City Code books.

Police Department

The Gloucester City Police Departments mission is to reduce crime & improve the quality of life for the residents of Gloucester City. The department has served the City with pride since 1868.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department maintains municipal streets and infrastructure, recreation areas, trash removal and recycling programs, and maintains municipal properties in order to insure the healthy and safety of the local community and its residents.