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Assessor: Tax

Municipal Building, 512 Monmouth Street, Gloucester City, NJ 08030
P 856-456-6934    F 856-456-8030

Tax Assessor – John Dymond – Contact Assessor

Assistant to Assessor – Brittney Dolson – Contact Assistant

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 8 am to 5 pm

Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm

Friday, Closed

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Assessor can locate the following Information:

Property Ownership

Square footage of Dwellings

Deed Information

 Tax Assessor Information

The function of the Tax Assessor’s office is to evaluate land and the buildings for taxing purposes. The Assessor places a value on the property which is multiplied by the municipal tax rate. There are many factors which affect a property owner’s assessment; primarily it’s location, size and condition. Some examples of changes that can increase the assessment are: additions, porches, garages, bathrooms, central air conditioning, fireplaces, in-ground swimming pools, finished basements, decks, patios, etc. Please note: if a property owner removes any of the above items, their assessment can be decreased. Some property owners (Veterans, Senior Citizens, and Disabled residents) are eligible for property tax deductions. For more information, please call 856-456-6934. To apply for these deductions, you must fill out and file an application with the Tax Assessor’s office during business hours.

Property Tax Deductions Information

Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons, Veterans and their Surviving Spouses may be eligible for deductions from their property tax bill. The deduction for veterans and/or surviving spouses of veterans, senior citizens, disabled persons and/or their surviving spouses is $250. These deductions are governed by New Jersey State Statutes which spell out the specific requirements regarding age, disability, veteran status, residency requirements, ownership, and income limit before the deduction may be granted. The deduction forms are available at the Tax Assessor’s office located at 512 Monmouth Street. Please call for further information.

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Five Year Tax Abatement for Owner Occupied Residential Properties

The following upgrades to a property will trigger a five year tax abatement: new buildings, total rehabs, major renovations, additions, porches, siding, central air conditioning, decks, in-ground pools, garages, finished basements and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

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