Gloucester City Shade Tree Commission

Planting Roots in the City
  • GC Irish Society Cleaning Up
    2022 April Cleanup Day
  • GC Irish Society Cleaning Up
    2022 April Cleanup Day

The Gloucester City Shade Tree Commission was formed in July 2010 from the Gloucester City Tree & Beautification Committee. The name change occurred to be more in line with the 1996 New Jersey Shade Tree and Community Forestry Assistance Act. The Gloucester City Shade Tree Commission is an advisory committee to the Mayor and Council on all public trees and trees which pose a hazard to public safety. The Commission runs a tree planting event in the spring and/or fall of each year. In addition to providing educational events for citizens about trees and the City’s Urban Landscape, the Commission also runs educational projects with both Cold Springs School and St. Mary’s School.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gloucester City Shade Tree Commission is to:

  • Nurture and safeguard the population off all street, park and municipally owned trees.
  • Preserve the tree canopy within the City in a manner that is consistent with public safety.
  • Implement proactive plans for tree and site assessment, tree planting and young tree care.
  • Advise and assist in the implementation of tree maintenance and removal.
  • Develop programs for community awareness and education.